Road trips, cherry picking and learning about the competition


For Grosvenor Casinos, FIVEfoot8 usually undertake a road trip, assessing potential poster sites, learning about the locality and the competition before we sit down and start the planning.  It’s all part of the individual service we offer to our clients.
Over the years, we have helped Grosvenor Casinos communicate locally everything from; new casino openings, relaunches, Black Jack tournaments, special events to celebrating Chinese New Year.  The range and breadth of messages we communicate dictate that we use a wide mixture of media channels: inserts, door drops, posters, local press & online, radio and local TV sponsorship all play a part.
For a high profile London Black Jack tournament, FIVEfoot8 devised an outdoor digital daypart campaign, differing messages were played out during morning and evening, drive time only.
As Grosvenor Casinos know well, it’s not luck, it’s skill that delivers real wins..........

Grosvenor Casinos

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