No, it's not binary...


A brief snippet of radio listening inspired FIVEfoot8 to sell a snap opportunity to Raymond Weil.  At 12 minutes past 8pm on the 20th December 2012, the date and time would be 2012 2012 2012.  How could a watch brand miss out on an opportunity like this?


Well, Raymond Weil were far too savvy to let it pass by – FIVEfoot8 bought giant digital outdoor screens on a main arterial road into London and broadcast – yes, you’ve got it - the time!


The PR went global – for such a small investment, it paid back time and time again – media genius!

Can we repeat a moment like this for your brand? 


Well strictly speaking, no we can’t, that was a once in a lifetime opportunity....but we’re always on the lookout for lovely ideas for all our clients.


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